Monday, June 28, 2010

Sparks Fly Away To Heaven (a poem

Sparks fly away to heaven like thousands of beams of like floating away.
Like the smoke of a fire drifting off in the moon light.

It's like a memory from long,long ago leaving me thoughtless.
But a voice inside my head is saying that someday, my dreams will come true.


  1. Dear Sparks Fly,

    What a lovely surprise to see your new blog!

    But geez -- should I take it personally that "life's hard?" :) :)

    Great poem, I esecially like the image of smoke drifting off in the moonlight. I picture it from one of our beach bonfires in Canada!

    Congratulations! I hope you will enjoy posting and sharing your myriad talents.


  2. i lieks yor rane drops a lot.


  3. Well Kelly - you have your own blog now. I am impressed and delighted. I like your poem very much.

    Is life really that hard?


  4. lynn, life is hard when your mom's o'key sticks.

  5. Hey Cool Kelly!
    Cool...just like your Mom!!!!

    And dreams...yes, dreams DO come true...

  6. Hi Kelly .. swimming rain drops - now you can swim again?!

    Great Sparks will Fly .. that's wonderful and I look forward to loads more posts and interchange of comments.

    Look after BB and your Ma for me ..

    At least your template works .. some of these new blogger ones - I cannot read .. as they all morph together - it's a nightmare ..

    See you soon with more sparkling life .. bye for now .. Hils xoxo

    PS .. Kelly ask Dad to get her a new O Ring .. I'm sure that'll sort the keyboard out .. or see if BB can fix it?! Byeeee

  7. Oh my lil' Kelly, welcome to bloglandia. Please be careful as reading your comments is addictive.
    I look forward to reading your post and I have added your blog to my Nieghborhood Links

    and how hard can it be if you have a blog to control?


  8. thank you so much for your comment!! so, so encouraging. i'm excited to continue love bombing with you!

    - lauren

  9. I hope your dreams DO come true, Lance!

    I was hoping to find a post about the event in Falmouth. Have I missed it? Did you get a lot of people from Maine?

  10. Love this shot and the message. very cool. I have seen you on caroline's blog..thanks for stopping by.